lundi 11 juillet 2011


What Would Happen if Chávez Couldn't Finish His Term?

By Michael Shifter, Julia Buxton, Jeffrey Davidow, Diego Arria

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced June 30 in a televised address that he is being treated for cancer in Cuba. Four days later, he returned to Venezuela to a hero's welcome. While Chávez's political opponents have joined supporters in wishing him a quick return to health, the situation has prompted questions about the country's governance in the short term, and about the implications of his illness on next year's presidential elections and the country's political system. What would happen if Chávez were unable to finish his term as president? Who would replace him? Is there a real risk that the political and social situation in Venezuela could turn chaotic as a result of Chávez's illness? How does Chávez's illness affect the country as it struggles with inflation, crime, falling oil production and electricity shortages?

Originally published in the Dialogue's daily Latin America Advisor, 07/07/2011.

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