mercredi 21 avril 2010

Las democracias malas de centroamérica. Para entender lo de Honduras, una introducción a Centroamérica


The rise in crime in Honduras is not the result of the coup d’état. But the military mob revealed that associated with the security forces were people who, in many cases, were denounced as those responsible for the disappearances and persecutions in the 80s. The central argument of the article is that, in many Latin American countries, the State plays a primordial role in the reproduction of criminal violence. Not only for the inefficiency and negligence of the institutions, but also because in many cases the State itself, through its institutions and agents, is directly responsible for the crimes and acts of violence suffered by the population. The crisis in Honduras confirms the necessity of an ample democratic reform of the state institutions, based on respect of law and human rights.

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