lundi 22 février 2010

Empresarios a la Presidencia

por Francisco Durand

The start of the neoliberal cycle brought with it a new role for businessmen in politics: managerial revolts occurred in defense of private property, as in Mexico in 1982 and Peru in 1987; and a range of businessmen became popular leaders, as in the case of Carlos Menem and Alberto Fujimori. But the big news was the emergence of businessman-candidates, such as Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada in Bolivia and Vicente Fox in Mexico. The recent candidacies of Mauricio Macri in Argentina and Sebastián Piñera in Chile show that democratic business-activism has not disappeared. In fact: emergencies in both the social democratic and radical nationalists’camps have allowed businessmen to compete with them. In summary, it exists a diverse Latin America in terms of regimes and doctrinarian orientations, which show the vitality of its political actors.

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